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All about Expat Life in Saigon

1. Arrival in Saigon

Freshly arrived in Saigon 2 months ago, we already fell in love with this city! :) First surprise : the traffic. Being French, we usually do not see so many motorbikes on the road. We were especially shocked by the fact that they don’t stop at every red light or overtake the bus at less than 20 centimeters. (more…)

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Vietnamese rich culture and religion is an attractive mix for the traveller

1.Vietnamese culture In the light of the ancient culture and many centuries of history, costumes, rituals, traditions and spiritual practices, Vietnam is extremely rich and complex. To enumerate, the main religion is a branch of Buddhism called Mahayana, with many influences from Chinese culture, including Taoism and Confucianism. Besides that, Read more…

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