Exploring Vietnam

There are many conflicting opinions about Vietnam. Some talk about its magnitude and variety of adventures, others say it has already been spoiled by mass tourism. Of course everything is personal, depending on your journey, the type of traveler you are, the places you go and the people you meet. Nevertheless, there any many reasons to pack your bag and go explore Vietnam!

explore vietnam

Rice fields in Sapa

1. Breathtaking Landscapes

Being natural or manmade, such as rice fields, Vietnam is filled with beautiful landscapes where you can immerse yourself in contemplation. Also during rainy season, when everything becomes brighter, you will be able to observe tones of green that you never saw before. You can find everything from mountains and valleys in Sapa or Dalat, to deserts in Binh Thuan, from paradise islands with pristine beaches such as Phu Quoc and Con Dao, to the awe-inspiring atmosphere of the mighty Mekong river. Take some time to get out of the main cities and go explore the wonders of this country.

explore vietnam

Some random street market with strange food.

2. Colorful markets and delicious food

If there’s a country where your palate will be challenged and enriched, that country is Vietnam. With such an impressive food tradition, you will have so many things to try you’ll wish to just quit your life back home and stay here! The best strategy is to run away from tourist-focused restaurants and the repetition of just eating pho or spring rolls. Meet some local person, and go explore with your new friend the street food since s/he will certainly know the best and more genuine places. And don’t forget to eat some banh cuon, bun cha or some bang xeo. 

explore vietnam

A street shop selling incense sticks.

3. A trip to your senses

Vietnam is magical when it comes to what it can offer to your senses! From the colors around you to the intricate smells that fuse freshly made food and incense.. Focus on the present moment and learn to pay attention to your feelings. For sure you will have a hell of a ride exploring Vietnam!

explore vietnam

Which one will you choose, traditional sugar cane juice or some canned soft drink?

4. Mix of old and new

This country is an interesting mixture of old and new, traditions and culture living side by side, with an unstoppable urge of progress and survival. Communism and capitalism holding hands, for bad and for good. This is a country filled with contradictions and opposite polarities merged together. Some interesting cities where you can see this marriage are Hue and Hoi An. They are quite close to each others and filled with ancient history and architecture.

explore vietnam

Never too much.

5. Street life and local routines

As any other Southeast Asian country, Vietnam has a dynamic lifestyle emerging from its streets, with a busyness and a desire to strive that is difficult to find elsewhere. From the tireless workers carrying everything in their motorbikes with a balance that provoke envy to many circus artists, to the welcome of the new day with the morning exercises around lakes or public parks. Without forgetting the countless tiny plastic benches placed on the sidewalks in the evening, where people drink draft beer with friends, an iconic image of this country. In Vietnam life happens on the street and not inside the houses. And, of course, the best options to see this energy are the two biggest cities: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

explore vietnam

An apprentice for monk.

6. Welcoming people

Last but not least, we cannot forget the people. Get out the tourist spots, where people who earn their living with tourists (many of them already fed up with disrespectful young backpackers with too much alcohol in their bodies!) can be less empathetic and smiley. You will find the core of Asian culture: smiles and open arms, willingness to welcome you, show you the culture and make you try the food. Embrace and connect, people are always the most memorable part of your travels.

Hope we gave you some reasons to visit and explore Vietnam! 🙂

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