Are you traveling or living in Southeast Asia, seeing photos on your instagram’s friends enjoying Burning Man in America, or remember all those great summer festivals in Europe with awesome bands and good vibes? Missing some wild festival, the concerts, the people?

Well… who told you can’t have it all in your journey through Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam? Check out some ideas of places to party and hear good music, meet interesting people and explore arts and culture!

SEA party

Main stage made out of bamboo from last edition of Wonderfruit.

If you are planning to be around Southeast Asia this December, don’t miss the Wonderfruit festival. Held near Pattaya from 14 to 17 December, on the fields of Siam Country Club. Think of beautiful crafted stages made out of bamboo in the middle of nature, wild performances and interesting art installations, concerts running 24 hours and dances watching sunrise or sunset. Besides that, this is an ecologically conscious festival so prepare yourself for some very sustainable days! It is a great way to inspire you in the fight against plastic waste. Besides music and arts, there will be a lot of workshops, talks and various healing activities such as meditation, yoga, massage, etc.

SEA party

Art installation from the last edition of Wonderfruit.

Even if you are not in Thailand don’t worry, plenty of buses are available from nearby countries such as Cambodia! It is way cheaper than a flight and not a hassle at all, especially if you go by night. It will be just a good night of sleep that will not even notice the bus journey!

Have a look on Camboticket website for options from Cambodia to Thailand. Either from Phnom Penh to Bangkok or directly to Pattaya. If you are in the north, check options on how to go from Siem Reap to Bangkok or directly to Pattaya.

SEA party

Serious glam camping happening on Wonderfruit site!

If you are planning to stop just in Cambodia, there are a lot of options as well. Start by checking the full moon parties that sometimes are organized on Cambodian islands such as Koh Rong. This is a great way to escape the crowds (and overrated music) of the famous full moon parties in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

When the high season arrives, prepare yourself for some serious beats in the jungle, and head over to Otres near Sihanoukville for the Kerfuffle party. This is a weekly event happening only when the monsoon stops and lasting until the beginning of next year. It is open-air in the middle of the jungle with psychedelic decoration and hippie crowd. Definitely a must try!

SEA partyA Kerfuffle party in Otres, Sihanoukville.

For both destinations have a look at the bus options Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville. From there you can take a short tuk-tuk drive to Otres or a boat to Koh Rong. Combined tickets of bus+ferry are also available on the Camboticket website!

If your plan is to go to Vietnam, there’s also the Quest festival near Hanoi, on 10 to 12 of November! Have a look!

Hope this article got you some ideas of where to party in SEA and to which music and art festivals to go.

A trip to Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam does not mean staying out of the festivals season in Europe or America, there are great options available! So prepare your festival costume and camping gear to head out to Wonderfruit, Quest or any party in the islands 🙂