Bangkok Nightlife

Bangkok Nightlife: Beyond the typical tourists around Khao San Road

  1. Alternative places for Bangkok Nightlife

You like to visit Bangkok and experiment the city’s vibrant nightlife but you are starting to get a bit tired of the typical tourist bars in Khao San road?

We totally understand you and have the perfect solution for it. Here are some ideas of where to go within the many alternative places to go out and experience a different vibe of Bangkok nightlife!


Khmer New Year

Sousdey Chnam Thmei! (or Happy Khmer New Year!)

Festive atmosphere If you are living or traveling through Cambodia you probably already noticed that this week things are a little bit different due to Khmer New Year. Majority of shops and businesses are closed due to celebrations. A lot of local people travel to their provinces and a general festive mood prevails with everyone preparing to party. Yes, that’s true, the Khmer New Year is coming so, as in Khmer they say, sousday chnam Read more…

Thoughtful travel in Cambodia and beyond

Traveling in far away cultures can occasionally be overwhelming and emotionally confusing. The time spent on the road unravels more clearly explaining the impact of the experiences we’ve been having in our own personal growth. Here we give some ideas for self-assessing your journey as a traveler and lifelong learner. Cambodia is filled with places for contemplation and reflection, what a great time to stop for a while and think about our journey. Travel Diary Journaling Read more…

Battambang Art Scene

Discover the Battambang Art Scene

Battambang Being the second largest city in the country and at the same time, having an incredible relaxed atmosphere, Battambang is a bit of a unique mix. On one hand, its countryside vibe brought by its status as an agricultural center, on the other hand, the birth place of many of the best Cambodian artists. With an art university and a couple of galleries providing interesting artwork it definitely adds to both Phnom Penh and Read more…

Challenges for your trip

Creating adventure in Cambodia

There are different ways of traveling. A tourist goes away to be entertained or enjoy a relaxed vacation. A traveler goes to experience new things and learn from new cultures. An adventurer or wanderer goes to challenge him/herself and come back a different person. Here are some questions you can ask yourself if you seek adventure in Cambodia!


Explore Battambang

Explore Battambang

Being the second most populous city in the kingdom, Battambang is filled with activities and things to see while, even considering its size, maintaining a somehow laid-back and slow lifestyle. Interesting architecture, cool cafés, a small but competent art scene and lots of attractions in its surroundings, many are the reasons to come northwest to explore Battambang!


Khmer Language

Speak Khmer, the language in Cambodia!

An important part of traveling – we would maybe suggest the most crucial – is to engage with the local people of the places we are passing by, trying to understand their way of seeing the world, mingling with their lifestyle and breaking cultural barriers. But of course the first one is always communication. So why not making an attempt to learn some words of Khmer language to start experience Cambodia in a more genuine Read more…

Phnom Penh Art

Phnom Penh Art and its new creative generation

It’s true that the Khmer Rouge practically destroyed most of the art and cultural manifestations in Cambodia, killed the kingdom’s artists and intellectuals, the educators, the visionaries. But hope and life always win, and the new generations are restoring the creative capacity of this country. Phnom Penh is now a city increasingly filled with art events and interesting exhibitions of young Khmer artists or expats that decided to settle down here for their creative practices. Read more…

Weekend Escapes around Bangkok

Weekend Escapes around Bangkok

As much as we love Bangkok and its beautiful chaos, it’s always nice to get out of the city from time to time. Weekend escapes are a nice way to renew the amount of fresh air in our lungs, experience a bit of nature or learn some of the Thai ancient culture that is already not available in its modern and fast-paced capital. If you are looking for weekend escapes around Bangkok, stay tuned to this article to discover more!


Kampong Khleang

Kampong Khleang, the biggest floating village in the Tonlé Sap

Stretching from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, the Tonlé Sap lake is a vast flooded area connected to the Mekong by the Tonlé Sap river, which during rainy season has its water increasing so much that becomes the largest lake in all Southeast Asia. Definitely worth a visit to observe the traditional lifestyle of its inhabitants, especially one of our favourite spots there, the Kampong Khleang floating village!   Relaxed life on the lake… During Read more…