After some good nights of partying in Sihanoukville are you now looking for some rest and a nice place to chill out? Or maybe you never came to Sihanoukville because you thought it’s a busy place full of tourists and only bars as scenery? We have good news for you, the heaven on earth called Otres Beach is just around the corner, always quiet and with some sort of hippie feeling to give you plenty of peace and relaxed vibes!


Otres Beach

View of the white sands of Otres beach from its flawless blue sea.

Just half hour by bicycle or a short mototaxi or tuktuk drive from the main town of Sihanoukville you can find one of the most relaxed places in Cambodia. Divided in three main areas, Otres is full of wonders and little pockets of stillness for you to get back to that book you never finish or to engage in some serious sessions of naps in a hammock. Conversations with nice strangers over a cocktail with a view to a magnificent beach and clear blue sea are also included, and even some alternative parties for the ones missing some dancing… keep reading and get ready to fall in love with this magical place!


Otres Beach

Nothing like relaxing on Otres Beach and looking at the sea with a cocktail in your hand.


Many guesthouses are scattered along the beach, mainly in two spots, Otres 1 and Otres 2, and on walking distance you will find Otres village where many other small restaurants and hostels co-exist among the most greenish trees and reddish soils. In terms of places to sleep, you will find from trendy resorts and charming little guesthouses made with natural building techniques and materials, to cheap guesthouses and backpacker communities such as Hacienda, with its policy of free dorm (you pay the first night, after that you can stay as long as you want and just have to consume at their bar/restaurant).

If relaxing on the hammock or bringing out your inner lizard to stay hours and hours in tanning sessions on the beach are not your cup of tea, you will have a tone of other options, from water sports such as kitesurf, windsurf, paddle or kayak, to renting a motorbike and going explore the lush green surroundings and its waterfalls, jungles and beautiful views. For the night, in case you get bored with the amazing sky and its star-richness from not having any city lights nearby, in Otres 1 and Otres village you will find plenty of bars and restaurants with good food, besides the infamous Kerfuffle party happening every thursday during the high season for the ones looking for a rave in the jungle, and the Otres market every Saturday night (on Otres village) for some delicious food and snacks, drinks, stalls selling handicrafts and other products, live music and endless good vibes.

Believe us, the only problem you will find here is the hard decision to leave when your visa is almost expiring… You will definitely find a lot of expats who were traveling and end up getting stuck here due to this serious case of Otres love. And of course, plenty of friendly locals and an opportunity to observe their very laid back and simple lifestyle would add some charm to it.

Otres Beach

A group of kids playing with the tool that their father was using to collect fruits from a tree.

On the southern side you still have a couple of more guesthouses, for instance Monkey Maya in the beautiful Ream national park: definitely worth a visit as well for some deep contact with nature!

The options are many, so in case you are in need of some rest and chill out environment, this heaven on earth called Otres Beach is definitely worth the try. Check out the CamboTicket website for travel options on how to come here!



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