Detente and Dancing: the perfect combination

Koh Rong island, off the coast of Sihanoukville, is a backpacker haven in Southeast Asia one of the most visited destinations in Cambodia. Travelers can expect white sand beaches and clear waters to swim, quiet jungles to trek through as well as all-night-long parties to dance. It also has a plenty of activities to do as well as a relaxing ambience if you just wish to relax.

Koh Ronh

Picture perfect beach

Getting to Koh Rong

Koh Rong is just 25 kilometers off the coast, offering more than 20 beaches for your relaxed vacations by the sea.

The first step to get there would be to reach Sihanoukville where you can head to one of the ferry offices on the road leading to Serendipity beach. Customers can check out various ferry options between $5 – $20  depending on slow or fast boats. Check out Camboticket website for all options!

Finding a decent accommodation

These ferries will take you to Tuich village, the main backpacker area with the highest concentration of guesthouses. Here you will find more options in terms of food and shopping (mainly small supermarkets with basic products) and the cheapest accommodations. From 4 dollars per night for a bed in a dormitory or 6 to 8 dollars a basic room. It will be here that you will also find the most crowded and noisy atmosphere in the whole island, with bars playing music until late night and hordes of people spread in the beach in front.

Koh Rong

The piers on the beach of Tuich village.

Selecting your perfect beach

If you’re looking for peaceful options, 4K is probably one of the most beautiful in the whole island (also known as Long Set beach).  Here you can find more secluded accommodation in the form of fancy and well-built bungalows for about 25 to 35 dollars a night. It is 40 minutes walk from the main beach at Tuich village or you can also hire a local boat for about 2 dollars to drop you there. This is one of the best spots to watch the fluorescent plankton by night, so prepare yourself for beautiful nocturnal swims with glowing water around you.

There are a lot of pristine beaches with resort-type of accommodation, in case your wallet allows it, explore options and book beforehand.

Activities at the beach

Around the island, many are the spots with great diving and snorkelling opportunities, and businesses offering these services can be found everywhere. Tuich village has a vibrant nightlife with many bars like “Island Boys” offering drinks and loud music. Pub Crawls at the Police Beach give you a chance to dance till’ the morning as well as witnessing the beautiful sunrise on the ocean.

Koh Rong

A gift from the skies, during sunset time while walking towards 4K beach.

For food, you can find plenty of restaurants serving Western, Italian, Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines along Tuich village and along its beach. Tourists can try “Nice Food” restaurant for budget meals around $2.

Camboticket has various options to go to Sihanoukville from Phnom Penh as well as Kampot, including bus+ferry tickets (check theses here from Phnom Penh and here from Kampot).