Dine in the Dark is a restaurant with a social purpose. Indeed, its aim is to raise awareness, through a role-reversal by which the visually impaired are the guides in a dark environment, and guests experimenting the visual impairment.

Waitresses & Waiters from DiD

First impressions

I went, with some friends, to DiD restaurant in October 2018. Not being locals, we were first a little hesitant about eating unknown dishes in a completely dark room.
“Not spicy please, no insects”, we said to the waitress asking us for any preferences or allergies. She smiled: “We don’t have insects”.

Obviously, their aim is to ensure you have a very pleasant dinner, not to disgust you with “weird” food.

The entrance and ground floor of the restaurant

Time to eat

– We had the choice between 4 menus: –

  • Khmer
  • International
  • Vegetarian
  • Chef’s menu

Few minutes later, an unsighted waiter guided us to our table, entering the dark room by passing 3 thick curtains.

Absolute darkness

First, it can be a little disturbing, but you can rapidly get used to it and represent the surroundings in your head.

Then, the 3-courses meal started.
I won’t go in the details about what we ate, but each bite was an experience. I realised that even when I am really taking my time to enjoy a fancy meal, I don’t get all the tastes.
Here, you are not only savouring the dish, but you are also exploring it, trying to discover each ingredient.
The smell, the consistency, the saltiness, bitterness or sweetness, you are exploring all these to better understand your meal. It is really a unique culinary experience.

My final impression

We all enjoyed all the courses: starters, main and dessert. It was all very tasteful and varied. Furthermore, We had no issue eating despite the complete dark, the staff are here to help you if you need it.
Once we finished, back to the light, the staff will be happy to show you pictures of what you ate, if you want to know.
So, I truly recommend this experience to anyone, it will surely be one of the most unforgettable dinners you have this year.

More about DiD’s social actions

In addition to raising awareness, the restaurant is engaged in the question of empowerment. Dine in the Dark wants to promote equal opportunities for deaf and blind people in Cambodia. They offer them well-remunerated employment opportunities which are quite rare in Cambodia. The final goal is that other employees in other industries will recognize that the visually impaired are valuable workforce.

Experience this unforgettable dinner, book it now!

Follow the experience in video here

by Aurèle Barbançon, for Camboticket