Kep: Kepping it Riel!

If you are looking for a holiday experience away from the backpackers of Sihanoukville or the beach bums of Koh Rong experience, look no further than Kep, just outside of Kampot.  A sleepy beach town that was formally the summer vacation resort area of the French aristocrats that lived in Cambodia prior to the Khmer Rouge, Kep is upcoming and undergoing a massive expansion of resorts and boutique hotels being built between the mountains and the ocean. (more…)

Bangkok nightview

Reviewing the Overnight Bus From Phnom Penh to Bangkok

I was recently afforded the opportunity to take the overnight bus from Phnom Penh to Bangkok from the travel company Virak Buntham Express through Camboticket. The bus pickup was conveniently located on street 106 in Phnom Penh on the corner with Preah Sisowath Quay (riverside or street 1), but pickup locations are scattered throughout the city no matter where you are staying.  The departure time was scheduled for 21:15 and we were on our way within two minutes of the scheduled departure time, a pleasantly punctual beginning.

Phnom Penh life

Travelling ChildSafe in Cambodia

During your travels, you will probably come across children that are at risk. Camboticket is a proud supporter of the ChildSafe Movement, which works to protect children and youth who are living and working in situations of extreme poverty, suffering from illness, victims of abuse or affected in any other way that prevents them from having their internationally recognized rights as children fulfilled.

We are committed to helping address the inequalities and lack of opportunity that sometimes prevents Cambodia from becoming a more fair and inclusive society.  To know how your behaviour can positively contribute to the cause, we have listed below the ChildSafe 7 Tips for Travellers.