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1. Visa – Bureaucracy – Cambodia

It is important to realise that  bureaucracy sometimes can be one of the biggest barriers to get out of your comfort zone and explore the world. The cultural shock or the difficulty in understanding the language and local procedures can be a challenge. Hopefully this article will help you! It is the first one of a series trying to clarify some of the most common questions related to travelling or working in Cambodia. In fact the first one is about the visa policies, so without further ado let’s jump right in…





2. European traveller

If you come as a traveler from Europe, tourist visa can be purchased on arrival at the airport or land border crossing for 30 USD. You just need to have a passport valid at least for six months and one free page. In addition you would need one passport-sized photo for the immigration counter. Alternatively, you can also arrange it before-hand in any Cambodian embassy for the same price, or online for 40 dollars on this government website. This type of visa is valid for one month, single entry, and can be extended only once for another month.

3. South East Asian traveller

Are you from a country in Southeast Asia? Then you can actually get this one month tourist visa for free. However for Thailand nationals the duration is only two weeks and by the same token Philippines nationals who get three weeks as well as Burmese who get to go through the normal process as every other country.

4. Middle Eastern and African traveller

Similarly if you are originally from Nigeria, Sudan, Sri Lanka or most of the countries in Middle East . there is no agreement for visa on arrival and therefore tourists would have to get a visa in advance in a Cambodian embassy in the first place.

5. Staying longer

In the event that you are planning to stay longer in order to travel to more places, relaxing in one of the many chilling spots in the country. As an illustration Kampot or the islands will be difficult to abandoned after just a few days. Under those circumstances the best option would be to go for the e-class visa which will cost only $5 more than the tourist visa.

6. e-class visa  – benefits

To  begin with, e-class visa costs $5 more and gives you the possibility of longer extensions. As a result travellers can extend indefinitely for one, three, six or twelve months. In addition to this, six and twelve months extensions also have the advantage of being multiple entry visa. Another key point is that with this travellers get a chance to travel to nearby countries such as Thailand and Vietnam.

7. e-visa  – how to apply

In order to renew your e-class visa, the best way is to go to one of the many agents in any town. They will take care of the process for you in exchange of a fee. In that case, expect to pay around 50 dollars for one month visa extension, 80 for three months, from 150 to 200 dollars for a six months, and 260 to 300 dollars for a one year visa extension.

e-visa has various sub types as mentioned below –

  • EB – for the ones wanting to work in Cambodia, start a business, freelancing, etc.
  • EG – theoretically for people looking for a job (the only sub-type not allowing 12 months visa)
  • ER – a retirement visa for the ones with paperwork from their home country stating their retired status
  • ES – a student visa, you will have to show some proof that you will be attending school or university in Cambodia

8. Visa for NGO’s

Travellers coming in order to work for a NGO, can get a b-class visa which is free. However, since it is only available for some NGOs, better to ask your new employer for details.

Hope this article helped you understand a little bit better how visas in this country work.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to travel or live in Cambodia! And, of course, don’t be afraid to check on internet for further questions. There are a lot of forums and groups on Facebook for expats living in the Kingdom where you’ll get answers to your questions. Happy travels!