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A guide to hotels in Bangkok

You finally booked that trip to Bangkok from Siem Reap or Phnom Penh!  Now where will you stay? Finding a hotel, hostel, Airbnb or HomeAway room rental can be a time consuming and daunting task, especially if you are visiting a city that you are unfamiliar with. Thankfully we have done all of the difficult legwork on the ground in the city to help better inform you about the best locations around the city depending on your reasons for your stay in Bangkok. Here is a helpful guide to help you book a comfortable room that will serve as the perfect location to help you easily navigate the city like a local. (more…)

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Overnight bus from Phnom Penh to Bangkok: a review

Virak Buntham Express through Camboticket offers multiple trips a day between  Phnom Penh to Bangkok from the travel company including overnight options.  If you are on a budget and don't care to fly, a nighttime bus trip can be the perfect option to fall asleep in one country and wake up in another!  Read below a CamboTicket employee's experience, and pick up some tips along the way!  (more…)

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